Bylaw Enforcement

Any concerns or complaints regarding violation of Sechelt Bylaws must be submitted in writing for Sechelt's Bylaw Enforcement Officers to investigate.

Complaints may be made by filling out and submitting a Bylaw Enforcement Complaint Form. Please see to the Bylaw Enforcement webpage for more information.

District of Sechelt Bylaws

District of Sechelt bylaws have been developed over the years by each Council. They are in response to legislated requirements, citizen concern and issues of importance to the community. 

Not all of the District Bylaws are listed at this time. Please make enquiries of the Records Coordinator



Bylaws on this website must not be construed as the original bylaw and are not admissible in Court unless specifically certified by the Director of Corporate Services for the District of Sechelt. Persons interested in the definitive wording of these bylaws and their amendments should view the original bylaws at the District of Sechelt.

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