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Chapman Creek Trail

Posted: 294 days ago

Recent users of the Chapman Creek Trail system may have noticed “No Trespass” signs. Non-municipal trails have existed on private property for a number of years. The public is being asked to stay on the municipal trail that is clearly signposted, and to respect the no trespassing signage that has been erected by the private property owner.

When staff was alerted to the no trespassing signs that had been erected, a planning session was convened with regard to providing an alternate route for the section of trail on private property that connects the end of Mission Road to the Chapman trails. This work was undertaken today through an existing road allowance and District park land.

As indicated in the attached map, the municipal trail starts at Brookman Park, connects to a staircase down to Chapman Creek, then goes up the existing pedestrian connector trail to the intersection of Davis Bay Road and Mission Road. It then continues up Mission Road and connects via the new portion of trail back to the Chapman Trail system.

2017-02-01 ChapmanCreekTrailMap - photo.jpg 2017-02-01 ChapmanTrailParkBoundary - Sign.jpg 2017-02-01 ChapmanTrailConnector - sign.jpg