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Public Notice - Business Improvement Area Bylaw

Posted: 10 days ago

THIS NOTICE is ONLY to all owners of property within the boundaries of the proposed Downtown Business Improvement area as set out in the map in the attached files.

District of Sechelt Council gives notice that it proposes to undertake a Business Improvement Area service as described below for the benefit of a specified downtown business improvement area (BIA) of the District. Downtown Business Improvement Area Bylaw No. 556, 2017 would establish the proposed local area service.

District of Sechelt Council may proceed with establishing the proposed BIA service unless, by April 3, 2017, the Council receives a petition against the proposed Downtown BIA service certified by the Corporate Officer:

(a) as being signed by the owners of at least 50% of the parcels that would be subject to the local service tax described below, and

(b) which owners are the owners of parcels that in total represent at least 50% of the assessed value of the land and improvements subject to that local service tax.

The proposed local service consists of providing an annual grant to the Sechelt Downtown Business Association, a registered non-profit society, for the planning and implementation of a Business Promotion Scheme that includes:

(a) marketing and promotional events and projects;

(b) promotion and advocacy on behalf of the downtown business community; and

(c) community projects related to economic development and downtown revitalization.

The total cost of the proposed BIA service is estimated at $70,000.00 per year. Cost will be recovered by a maximum local service tax of $70,000.00, imposed only on all parcels of land within the proposed Improvement Area that are classified as Class 5 [light industry] or Class 6 [business and other], for a five year term from 2017 to 2021, to be recovered by a tiered system based on the number of active business licenses associated with each property in the BIA. The table included on the attached Public Notice outlines the tiered system and estimated property levy based on number of business licenses issued in 2017.