Community Investment Program (formerly Grant in Aid)

In Kind Services, Community Development Grants and Traffic Fine Revenue Grants

Program Overview

The District of Sechelt Community Investment Program provides assistance to not-for-profit organizations to enhance their ability to provide programs, services or activities that benefit the citizens of Sechelt.  Traffic Fine Revenue Grants help enhance policing and community-based public safety or crime reduction programs. 

Funding Request Application deadline:  4:30 pm Monday, October 31, 2016

The Community Investment Program is for not-for-profit organizations whose registered mandate falls under one of the following sectors:
  • Arts, Culture & Recreation
    Grants to organizations providing programs, projects, services and/or events that seek to preserve, celebrate and strengthen the local arts, culture and recreational opportunities for residents of Sechelt.
  • Social & Environmental
    Grants to organizations providing programs, projects, services and/or events that respond to an environmental and/or social need in the community and contribute to creating a community that lives well and cares for the environment.
  • Community Development
    Grants to organizations providing programs, projects, services and/or events that support and contribute to a diverse and resilient local community.


Eligible organizations may apply for grants to fund one-time, new, recurring, and/or ongoing programs, projects, services, and events. To be eligible for a Community Investment Program Grant from the District of Sechelt, an Applicant must:
  • Be a non-profit society in good standing with the Societies Act and/or a registered charitable organization in good standing with the Canada Revenue Agency. Member-funded societies are not eligible.
  • Be requesting funds for a program, project, service, or event that will directly benefit the citizens of Sechelt.
  • Have submitted a final report demonstrating appropriate use of funds for all previous projects funded through the District of Sechelt’s Community Investment Program.

Partnerships and the ability to leverage additional funds will be taken into account.

Only applications from local organizations demonstrating to the satisfaction, that the benefits to be derived from the grant will accrue primarily to the local community and its citizens will be considered, i.e. the funds will not be sent outside the municipality as part of a provincial, national or international effort.

 Successful applicants must indicate on all promotional materials associated with the program/project “Funding support provided by the District of Sechelt” and agree to be featured in Sechelt’s annual report subject to applicable privacy considerations at the District of Sechelt’s discretion.

Evaluation Criteria

Awards will be based in part, on how well the organization meets the following Program Priorities and Guidelines: 

  • Evidence of community need or desire for proposed program, project, service or event
  • Potential benefit to the residents of the District of Sechelt
  • Evidence of community partnerships or support (financial or in-kind)
  • Capacity to deliver the proposed program, project, service or event
  • Level of volunteer involvement
  • Evidence of financial need
  • Evidence of funding from other sources
  • Ability to demonstrate or anticipate future outcomes
  • Public accessibility

For further information contact District of Sechelt Office at 604-885-1986