User Fees

The following are user fees reflected on your property tax notice.  These fees are different from fees applied to property development, known as Development Cost Charges.

Water User Fees

The Sunshine Coast Regional District is responsible for the water service on the Sunshine Coast.  You can contact SCRD Water Services on the web or by phone at 604-885-6800.

Any water user fee unpaid by December 31st of any year it is due shall be deemed taxes in arrears on the land or real property on which the fee is imposed.  Once added to taxes these accounts accrue interest at a rate set quarterly by the Province.

What is the “Water Frontage Tax”?
The water frontage tax is a charge levied by the Sunshine Coast Regional District.  It is a charge to offset the maintenance of the water lines. This is a separate charge from the Water User Charge, which is the water bill that is paid to the Sunshine Coast Regional District for use of the water.

Sewer User Fees

Sewer User Fees are invoiced to property owners as a separate line on annual property tax notices.
On your Property Tax Notice, you will see a user fee and you may also see sewer bylaw charges depending on the area.

Do I have to pay sewer charges if I am not hooked up to sewer?
Yes , if you are deemed to be in the benefiting area. The theory behind this is that your property is more valuable because it is in an area which can eventually be serviced by sewer.

Do I pay the same amount as those who are hooked up?
No, those people who are hooked up also pay for the cost of their connection to the trunk line, as well as an annual user charge ($379.00 in 2013 for a single family home).

Garbage and Household Food Waste Collection User Fees

Residential garbage and household food waste collection fees are entered on the tax roll as a separate line item on the annual property tax notice ($170.00 per unit for every dwelling in 2013).  The District of Sechelt’s Consolidated Garbage Collection, Control, and Disposal Bylaw No. 47, 1988 details the service fees for garbage and household food waste collection.

Why am I allowed only one trash can per week?
In March 1998 the Solid Waste Management Plan set a one-can limit for property owners.  Extra garbage tags may be purchased at the Municipal Offices for $2.00 each.

Do I have to pay if I don’t use the garbage service?
Yes, every single family residence is charged the same whether they take advantage of the service or not. More information is available in Bylaw No. 47, 1988.  Copies may be downloaded from the Sechelt Public Document Library, viewed at the District of Sechelt, or a paper copy may be purchased for a small charge.

See our Garbage and Recycling Web Page for additional information.