Accessible and Adaptable Housing Design Guidelines endorsed by Council

On December 15, 2010 Council endorsed the Accessible and Adaptable Housing Guidelines that were produced by a working group of the Accessibility Advisory Committee, with support from the Coast Community Builders Association. The project was funded by a grant from Affordability and Choice Today (ACT).  The voluntary guidelines raise awareness about the need for accessibility and also provide practical suggestions regarding how to achieve it (accessibility) and how to open up options for future accessibility (adaptability).

Accessibility Advisory Committee

In 2009 the Committee developed a vision for accessibility and inclusion for Sechelt’s Official Community Plan:

The District of Sechelt and its citizens value and respect individual differences and are welcoming and inclusive to people of all ages, cultures, economic levels and abilities; 
• outdoor spaces, buildings and services are accessible; 
• people are informed, connected, included and integrated;
• there is a full range of safe and accessible transportation options; and 
• housing is adaptable, affordable, pleasing and close to amenities.

The mandate of the Committee is to provide advice to Staff and Council on issues related to improving access and inclusion in community affairs for all residents. The Committee provides recommendations to Council on subjects such as reducing barriers and creating improved access to District buildings and parks for people with mobility impairments, and makes recommendations of ways to increase involvement and participation of people with mobility and other functional challenges in community life.   The Terms of Reference guide Committee members as how to conduct their meetings and what types of activities to undertake.

The Committee has been involved in various awareness raising projects such as the Sechelt Accessibility Challenge, and the development of the Accessible and Adaptable Housing Design Guidelines.