Subdivision and Development – Servicing Agreements

One of the responsibilities that lie within the Engineering Department is the review and implementation of the engineering requirements of the Subdivision and Development Control Bylaw as they pertain to property development.

New development often requires the construction of new roads, or upgrades to existing roads, boulevards, sanitary sewer system, drainage system, streetlights and other utilities.  Engineering designs are reviewed against the bylaw requirements and best engineering practices by the District’s Development Engineer.  Upon design approval, permission for construction is granted through a Servicing Agreement process.

In addition to the requirements of Bylaw No. 430, the design and construction of the built environment must be guided by a vision of the District’s future, the Official Community Plan, and attention to public safety and environmental concerns.  Staff are committed to ensuring that all municipal infrastructure meets the needs and standards of the community and that delivery of services to residents and businesses is provided in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible.