How to Find Agendas, Minutes and Resolutions

How to Find Agenda Items

The first pages of an agenda indicate the order in which each item will be dealt with at a Council or Committee of the Whole meeting. Bookmarks to each agenda item are available. Clicking on the desired item in the bookmark panel will take you to that item.

How to Find Minutes

Minutes are formatted to follow the order of the agenda. Minutes of a previous meeting are on a Council agenda for approval. Once approved, Council minutes will be in date order in the Document Library, next to the corresponding agenda.  Minutes of Committee of the Whole and Advisory Committee meetings are included within Regular Council agendas for endorsement.

How to Find a Resolution

Resolutions are found in Council minutes. They are numerically sequential with the month and year attached. Committee of the Whole and Advisory Committee meetings develop recommendations to Council so that when these minutes are on a Council agenda Recommendations become a Council Resolution.