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2017 Annual Report

Posted: 3 years 348 days ago

The 2017 Annual Report provides an extensive list of the tasks accomplished as directed by Council as part of their strategic goals. The report also includes highlights from each department. The audited consolidated financial statements is an analysis of the 2017 financial results with statistical information.

2017 was a year where the District of Sechelt established some stability. All management positions were filled and the Perivale & Taylor Organizational Review recommendations were completed.  Significant progress has been made to establish policies and procedures to ensure a transparent and responsive government.

The District’s financial position also improved in 2017 with a decrease in the net operating deficit and the general surplus reserve account moved from a deficit to a surplus position. The positive results from operations in 2017 indicate that the prudent approach to financial management that the District has taken will allow it to continue on its path to financial sustainability.