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Fortis BC Gas Main Damage at Baillie Rd. and Derby Rd.

Posted: 1 years 341 days ago

On Tuesday June 11, a Fortis BC gas main in the West Sechelt neighborhood was damaged. The damage occurred at the intersection of Baillie Rd. and Derby Rd. during the ongoing construction taking place along Derby Rd, between Norwest Bay Rd. and Baillie Rd. This construction work is part of the Derby Rd. extension project being completed by the Silverstone Development.

All properties north and east of the Derby Rd. and Baillie Rd. intersection were impacted. Fortis BC is visiting each house today, ensuring gas meters are properly reset and all pilot lights are relit. The exact timing of the restoration of gas is unknown, but Fortis BC is actively working on fully restoring service.

Inquiries can be directed to Fortis BC at 1-888-224-2710 or