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Notice of Intention to Adopt Downtown Business Improvement Area Bylaw 599, 2021

Posted: 28 days ago

This notice is to owners of property within the boundary of the proposed Downtown Business Improvement area as set out on the map below.

District of Sechelt Council gives notice that it proposes to undertake a Business Improvement Area (BIA) service as described below for the benefit of a specified downtown BIA of the District.

Bylaw No. 599, 2021 would permit the District Council to provide grants to the Sechelt Downtown Business Association for the purpose of providing business support programs, marketing and promotional events, promotion of revitalization and beautification to downtown Sechelt, networking and partnering with others on projects that benefit the BIA, and advocate on behalf of downtown businesses to review and comment on development proposals and infrastructure improvements.

The Bylaw would permit the following grants to be granted by Council, to the Sechelt Downtown Business Association over the five-year term of the bylaw as follows:

                            Year                       Grant

                            2022                       $70,700

                            2023                       $71,407

                            2024                       $72,121

                            2025                       $72,842

                            2026                       $73,570

The funding for these annual grants would be provided through a local service tax on properties within the BIA boundary, based on the assessed value of land and improvements classified by the BC Assessment Authority as Class 6 [business and other]. Costs would be recovered by a tiered system based on business licenses associated with each property in the BIA. The following table outlines the tiered system and estimated property levy based on number of business licenses issued in 2021:

Number of Business Licenses held

Tiered Percentage Rate


2022 Levy per business license

0 to 1


$  382.62

2 to 5



6 to 10



11 or more



Example: A property that holds 6 business licenses would be assessed: 

                6 x $286.96 = $1721.76 total











Unless, by 4:00 pm on December 7, 2021, at least 50% of the owners of properties liable to be charged, representing in total at least 50% of the assessed value of land and improvements that would be subject to the BIA tax levy, petition the District of Sechelt Council to not proceed with the adoption of Bylaw No. 599, 2021, Council may adopt the Bylaw without further notice.

A property owner wishing to oppose this bylaw is required to submit a counter-petition in the prescribed form to the Corporate Officer before 4:00 pm, on December 7, 2021. Individual notices, along with counter-petition forms, are being provided to owners of Class 6 [business and other] land and improvements within the proposed Business Improvement Area.

If there are two or more owners of a parcel, they are considered as one owner only for counter-petition purposes, and the counter-petition must be signed and submitted by a majority of those owners.

A copy of Bylaw No. 599, 2021, and other information, may be inspected from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, from October 25, 2021 to December 7, 2021 inclusive, at the District of Sechelt municipal hall, 2nd Floor, 5797 Cowrie Street, Sechelt, BC or on the District of Sechelt’s website at 

See attached documents below for further information.