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Subsurface Erosion Found at Seawatch

Posted: 23 days ago

Early last week, District of Sechelt staff were alerted to concerns over what appeared to be changes to some of the roads within the Seawatch area. Upon inspection, staff discovered subsurface erosion, what appears to be a new sinkhole and elevation changes to the surface of Gale Avenue North.

A sinkhole approximately three feet by two feet and 18 inches deep was discovered on Seawatch Lane. Upon inspection, the sinkhole extended horizontally below the asphalt by at least 1.5 metres. Additionally, three road protrusions were found in different areas along Gale Avenue North within the Seawatch subdivision. The observed protrusions are the locations of geotechnical drill sites which were patched up after site testing. Staff observed that the drill hole caps are now at an elevation above the grade of the road surface. It is not known to the District whether these observed changes are indicative of additional subsurface changes in the subdivision.

The District warns and strongly recommends that for their own safety, members of the public do not attempt to enter the Seawatch subdivision site.  The Seawatch subdivision is believed to be hazardous, and sinkholes can occur suddenly without warning and can create a risk of serious physical injury or death.