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Archive: September 2017

Sechelt appoints two Community Planners


Sechelt is pleased to announce the appointment of two Community Planners.

Oct 4/17 Committee of the Whole Meeting Cancelled


The next Committee of the Whole meeting is scheduled for December 6, 2017 at 1pm in the Community Meeting Room.  

Public input to Integrated Community Sustainability Plan sought


Your views can be part of Sechelt’s Integrated Community Sustainability Plan or ICSP, which will look at how we can build and balance economic, environmental, social and cultural components to build a healthy community.

Public Hearing (Additional) - RTC Properties


AN ADDITIONAL PUBLIC HEARING regarding the rezoning  application by RTC Properties for the three properties at the corner of Shorncliffe Avenue and Sunshine Coast Hwy is scheduled for Thursday,

Delegation Presentation - Sept 20/17 Committee of the Whole Meeting


Delegation PowerPoint presentation from the September 20/17 Committee of the Whole agenda has been added to the updated Meeting agenda.

Campfire ban rescinded


As of noon, September 18/17, the Sechelt Fire Department has rescinded the campfire ban.

Tags for additional garbage collection


09-18 garbage tag.jpg
District tags will no longer be honoured for collection of garbage outside the District’s collection areas.  

Airport Clearway Extention


A 200 metre clearway extension to the runway at the Sunshine Coast Regional Airport will be built by District to improve safety for airport users. 

Meeting Schedule Changes - September 20


A Committee of the Whole meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, September 20/17, at 7pm for discussions related to the Seawatch subdivision.

Water Resource Centre Effluent Test Results - Aug, 2017


On August, 29th, the day of sampling for the month of August, polymer accidentally entered the Centre’s wet well, primary tank and greenhouse reactor tanks.   The test results  show Centre effluent was within required parameters, with the exception of the ammonia levels. The higher levels are suspected to be related to the polymer incident. 
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