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News Release - District partners with ICBC and Canada Post for revenue stream


Sechelt, BC – The District of Sechelt is pleased to announce a partnership with ICBC and Canada Post to increase municipal revenue. The District has been working with Canada Post to change the postal codes in Sechelt from a rural designation to an urban designation. Canada Post announced this successful change earlier in March. As a result of the change in postal codes ICBC is now able to increase car insurance rates for all vehicles registered in Sechelt. The additional revenue generated will be split between the provincial insurance carrier and the municipality. It is estimated that this insurance increase could net the municipality in the range of $10-$11 million dollars per year in revenue. Mayor Darnelda Siegers stated, “This is such a big win for the municipality. We won’t reduce taxes, of course, but we can spend this money on some really fun projects. A couple of years ago we explored the idea of creating a canal from Trail Bay to Porpoise Bay but it was just too expensive. Now we can look at that project again!” Andrew Allen, Director of Planning and Development stated, “Well, now that Canada Post has officially designated Sechelt as urban, we are going to look at putting in more traffic lights at intersections and parking meters. This is potentially another revenue stream for us.” It is not expected that traffic, industrial noise, and pollution will increase until April 1, 2022. Which, coincidentally, is April Fool’s Day.
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