2022 District of Sechelt Election

Election Signs in the District of Sechelt

Political sign dimensions are established by the District's Sign Bylaw No. 456, 2006, under section 7(m). A permit to install these types of signs is not required but must conform as follows:

"7(m) Political signs in relation to federal, provincial, local government and school district elections and referenda (are allowed) provided that such signs:

(i) do not have a sign area exceeding 1 square metre (10.8 square feet), do not have a height exceeding 1.8 metres (6.0) feet and are not illuminated; and (ii).such signs are removed within seven (7) days after general voting day."

Also per section 14(l) of the District's Sign Bylaw No. 456, signs are not allowed within the District's boundary on public rights-of-way, parks, or any public property. They must be placed on private property only.

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) regulates political signs along the Hwy 101 shoulder. MOTI allows political signs on the highway shoulder as long as they are not blocking visibility or movement of pedestrians. They also must be removed by the next business day after the election. In the last local election, they required that signs could not be placed until the beginning of the Elections BC Campaign Period which starts on September 17 this year.

Elections BC Candidates Guide to Local Elections suggests contacting the local government or local Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure office before placing election campaign signs on medians, bridges or along major roads.



Jo-Anne Frank, 
Chief Election Officer

Kerianne Poulsen
Deputy Chief Election Officer