Mayor & Council

District of Sechelt Council is comprised of a Mayor and six Councillors, elected for four year terms.

 2018 - 2022 District of Sechelt Council

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Back row:  Councillors Eric Scott, Alton Toth, Tom Lamb and Matt McLean

Front Row: Councillor Janice Kuester, Mayor Darnelda Siegers, Councillor Brenda Rowe

For more information please review Council biographies.

The Acting Mayor will rotate each month. Please review the list of Acting Mayor appointments for more information.


Sechelt and the Sunshine Coast Regional District

Sechelt is an Electoral Area within the Sunshine Coast Regional District.  As such, two members of Council are appointed as Area Directors to represent Sechelt on the Regional District Board, with Directors from the other seven Area of the lower Sunshine Coast. Two alternate Directors are also appointed. Please see the list of appointments from the 2018 Inaugural Meeting for details.


Council and Committee Meetings

The public is welcome to attend Regular Council and Committee meetings.  A question and answer period is included at the end of each meeting, to allow members of the audience to ask questions about issues discussed at the meeting.

The District of Sechelt will continue to conduct Council and Committee meetings by electronic communications, with in-person seating available in the Community Meeting Room.

Regular Council Meetings are held on the First and Third Wednesday of each month, in the Community Meeting Room on the first floor of the Sechelt Library Building (5797 Cowrie Street), at 7:00pm. Copies of Regular Council meeting agendas are posted on the Calendar section of this site on the Friday before the meeting date.  The Council Meeting Order Paper is also posted District's notice board.

Committee of the Whole Meetings are scheduled on the Second and Fourth Wednesdays of each month, at 1:00pm in the Community Meeting Room and is chaired by the Acting Mayor.  Committee of the Whole is comprised of all members of Council.  Agenda items before Committee are debated and Recommendations are made for consideration by Council at the next Regular Council Meeting. The agenda and order paper posting practices for Committee Meetings are the same as those for Council Meetings.  

Minutes of Council and Committee Meetings are available for review in the Sechelt Public Document Library. There are also digital audio recordings of Council proceedings available on our Council Audio Web Page.

Delegations - If members of the public wish to address Council or Committee on an issue, they may do so by making a request to appear as a delegation before Council.  This request must be in writing using the Delegation Form (online submissions and faxes are permitted).