The District of Sechelt is considering bylaws to regulate cannabis sales and production. The recent changes to the federal laws on cannabis allows municipalities for control in two areas:

1  - Retail shops: Where should they be? How many does Sechelt want? Who should get a license? 

2 - Production: Are the existing regulations too restrictive? Where should the be permitted to operate? Will the provide jobs? 

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What products are legal?

 Oils and extracts, dried product, and seeds can be purchased from a licenced retailer. Cannabis food and drink products, body lotions, etc. are not yet legal. Medical cannabis products are not available in any retail operation in Canada. 

The current situation in Sechelt

Four unlicensed retailers exist in Sechelt and have been granted temporary use permits for a 2 year period. BC has brought in a retail licence procedure that includes public consultation and municipal approval of each licence.

Should retail sales be allowed in Sechelt through a general zoning amendment? If so, where should they be allowed? In the C-2 Commercial 2 zone (Sechelt downtown and Wilson Creek Plaza)?

Or should each retailer have to go through a site-specific rezoning application along with their BC licence application review?

Should there be a maximum number of licenced retailers in the District?

Or should there be a minimum separation distance between these types of businesses? 


The provincial government is currently accepting applications for provincial retail cannabis licenses. When an application is received, the Province will contact the applicable municipality and request municipal approval of the site location and to ensure compliance with all municipal bylaws and regulations. The Province has indicated that applications for provincial retail cannabis licenses will not be approved without prior support from the applicable municipality. If the municipality refuses to accept the application, the Province will deny the license.

What citizens are asked to consider now is, under what circumstances should an application be approved or denied. 

What are the current zoning regulations?

The District adopted new use definitions for the zoning bylaw (Bylaw 25-288, 2018), but these uses are not currently applied to the any zone.Unless regulated under a TUP, non-medical marijuana retail is prohibited in all zones. The Council will seek community input prior to passing zoning use regulations pertaining to retail cannabis operations.

The new definitions include (for the complete list of definitions and regulations, please refer to Bylaw no.25-288, 2018 on the District’s website)

Cannabis means a cannabis plant as defined in the Federal Government’s Cannabis Act, as amended from time to time.

Non-medical Marijuana means cannabis that is for-profit, commercial purposes or is used for non-profit personal use cannabis of more than one household, but does not include “Personal Non-Medical Marijuana” or “Medical Marijuana”

Medical Marijuana means cannabis, pursuant to the Federal Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, as amended from time to time, but does not include “Personal Non-Medical Marijuana” or “Non-medical Marijuana”.

Personal Non-Medical Marijuana means the use of land, buildings or structures on a lot for the cultivation of not more than 4 cannabis plants per dwelling situated on the same lot, for consumption by the dwelling’s residents, and no other persons.

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