Integrated Community Sustainability Plan

What is the ICSP?

Integrated Community Sustainability planning is long-term planning, in consultation with community members that provides direction for the community to realize the environmental, cultural, social and economic objectives for Sechelt.

Why have one?

The purpose of an ICSP is to provide a comprehensive decision making framework for the District and the community.The Plan can help:

  • Identify community and environmental values
  • Provide guidance for future Official Community Plan (OCP) and Master Plan updates
  • Set the stage for community-based initiatives

Who Prepared it?

The development of the Plan was a collaborative process between the District, Dillon Consultants and a community-based Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee met through the fall and winter of 2017 to develop the first four phases of the plan development process.

What’s in it?

A New Vision for Sustainability:

“The District of Sechelt provides an exceptional quality of life for every age and stage of life.An appropriate mix of land uses, housing choices, travel options, employment opportunities and community services provide the foundation for sustainable development.The parks, pathways, open spaces and waterfronts that define Sechelt are designed with the waterfront in mind and provide important connections among our residents and communities.The arts, culture, recreation and wellness opportunities makes Sechelt a very special place to live, work and play.”

Six Sustainability Principles:

  • Integration
  • Long-term thinking
  • Equity
  • Shared responsibility
  • Stewardship
  • Continuous improvement

Seven Goals:

  • Social Sustainability & Community Well-being
  • Economic Sustainability
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Arts & Culture
  • Planning for Climate Change
  • Sustainable Growth & Development
  • Leadership in Sustainability

Actions for Achieving the Goals:

There are many action items listed in the draft plan which can be accessed below. Some of the major initiatives include:

  • Increase affordable housing
  • Improve access and independence
  • Protect the industrial and commercial land base
  • Identify barriers to local economic development
  • Protect the agricultural land base
  • Recognize arts and culture as an economic driver
  • Reduce resource use and waste
  • Plan for climate change
  • Improve growth management and reduce sprawl
  • Integrate sustainability into decision-making.

A New Sustainability Checklist

The checklist may be used to evaluate municipal and development projects.It addresses the following areas:

  • Growth management
  • Sustainable community development
  • Economic prosperity
  • Environmental considerations
  • Sustainable transportation
  • Resource efficiency
  • Climate adaptation
  • Public engagement

Under each goal are actions and measures of success. To read the draft ICSP and the goals and actions of the report, click here.

Please take this very short survey about the ICSP.

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