Mobile Vending

Under the current Sechelt Bylaw, mobile vending trucks are permitted at Davis Bay, Trail Bay (Friendship Park) and Kinnikinnick Park. That bylaw is currently under review. 

  • Are there other locations food trucks should be permitted? 
  • Are there locations they should not be permitted? 
  • If you are holding a fundraiser and selling hotdogs in a park and a food truck pulls up to park beside the park is that going to be a problem for you? What should the bylaw be? 
  • What if it isn't a food truck but a truck selling clothes or renting sports equipment? Is the bylaw any different for them? 

Sechelt wants to be a place where all businesses thrive so we need a bylaw that is fair to mobile vendors and the bricks and motar shops who compete with them. We also want to be a community where our citizens and tourists can buy the products they want in convenient locations. Share your thoughts with us so we can find a balance. 


Buskers are not really mobile vendors but they do solicit for funds in our public areas. How do you feel about that? Are there areas where buskers should NOT be allowed? 

Please take this veryshort survey.

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