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Proposed Smoking Bylaw

The process

  • The proposed bylaw received first reading by Council on October 17, 2018
  • Please submit any comments before November 12, 2018
  • The proposed bylaw will be presented back to Council for second and third reading on November 21, 2018

The proposed bylaw first came before Council in 2016 and was followed by a community online survey.  The proposed bylaw reflects the comments received through the survey and also reflects new Provincial legislation regarding smoking and vaping control.  The Provincial legislation prohibits smoking of any kind in workplaces (including work vehicles) , vehicles for hire, schools and school yards and requires a 6.0m smoke-free area around all windows, doors and intake vents to all business and public institutions. The District of Sechelt Smoking Control Bylaw is proposing a broader buffer zone of 7.5m to align with other municipal bylaws on the Sunshine Coast.

Smoking definition

The definition of “smoking” includes all forms of smoking (tobacco, cannabis, any other substance), vaping and e-cigarettes.  The provincial legislation also regulates e-cigarettes and bans the sale of them to people under 19 years of age and prohibits their use in indoor public spaces and workplaces, school grounds and health facilities.

Where will smoking be prohibited? 

The Smoking Control Bylaw is proposing to restrict smoking in or within 7.5m of any of the following areas:

  • Common Areas:  includes, but is not limited to lobbies, foyers, stairwells, elevators, corridors, cloakrooms, washrooms, food fair seating areas and other public areas of a building.
  • Customer Service Areas: includes balconies, patios, yards or sidewalk patios – connected to a business that serves food and beverages
  • Places of Public Assembly:  includes public gathering places such as the District offices, library, community meeting rooms, recreation centre, churches, etc.
  • Outdoor Public Spaces: includes areas owned, controlled or operated by the District which is open to the public, including playgrounds, sport fields, arenas, designated trails, parks and beaches*, and bike and skate parks.
  • Outdoor Public Events: includes any event on property owned, controlled or operated by the District.
  • Transit Stops and Shelters.

*Designated Beaches include only those areas under District Control.  This includes:

  • The Davis Bay boardwalk and waterfront
  • Trail Bay boulevard area above the high water mark
  • Silverstone Walkway (West Sechelt)
  • Gale Esplanade (off Harbour Road)
  • ONNI waterfront trail (park area off Sechelt Inlet Road)
  • The waterfront trail between Allen Road and Burnett (East Porpoise Bay community)


The primary goal is voluntary compliance with the Smoking Control Bylaw through education.  If enforcement is necessary, the District of Sechelt Bylaw enforcement officers and Provincial health inspectors have the power to issue tickets to offenders.

For information on the District’s Bylaw Enforcement process, see the Bylaw Enforcement Procedures Policy

Proposed Smoking Bylaw 570, 2018