Public Participation Strategy

The District of Sechelt has always worked diligently to communicate with and involve our citizens. Care has been taken to recognize the growing demand for open and two-way communication, particularly as it pertains to listening to citizens, gathering feedback and the expanding influence of technology in accessing information.

In the spirit of responsiveness, the District is undertaking a comprehensive public engagement process to gather input on the creation of an engagement strategy and ask people how they want to participate, receive information, and get involved in their community. By involving citizens in the project, we will be able to create strategies and tools that will best meet the public’s needs and preferences for engaging with the municipality.

Thank you for taking part in our short survey that closed March 31, 2019. Staff are now taking what you said to start drafting a Public Participation Strategy and tool kit.

If your community group would like a brief presentation on public participation and what it might mean to you please email

We are currently in Phase 3

process graphic