Agriculture land reserve uses

Numerous properties in Sechelt are in the Agriculture Land Reserve (ALR), which is the provincial zone for agriculture. It is provincial legislation that designates properties in the ALR and regulates what can and cannot occur on the land. 

At the local government level, the Zoning Bylaw must align with provincial ALR regulations with respect to the permitted uses on ALR land in Sechelt. Farm uses are the priority uses in the ALR and residential uses are secondary. 

Permitted farm uses and permitted non-farm uses are described in provincial regulations. Municipalities must allow particular farm and non-farm uses as outlined in provincial regulations.  A municipality can add further clarity to such regulations, as well as prohibit some non-farm uses that provincial legislation would allow.


Zoning for these properties is currently Rural Residential (RR2) which allows for rural residential and other non-agricultural uses, does not accurately describe farm uses that are meant to be priority uses, and includes some uses that are not permitted by provincial ALR regulations.

Options to consider:

  • Change the zoning from RR2 to Agriculture 1 (AG1) which would promote and enhance priority farm uses and clarify the intent for prospective buyers.
  • Aligning the regulations of a Sechelt AG1 zone with the provincial ALR regulations.
  • Include details in the bylaw on what kind of agriculture activities are allowed or not allowed:
    • Farming
    • Alcohol production (wineries, cideries)
    • Cannabis production
    • Agritourism
    • Events
  • Review of other non-farm uses or provincially prohibited non-farm uses, such as:
    • Kennels
    • Recreation
  • Include minimum/maximum property sizes for such activities
  • Include maximum house sizes for properties
  • Include siting restrictions on the location of a house on farm land to reduce conflicts with agriculture activities.
This survey will be open until November 30, 2020