Home-based business

There are many kinds of businesses that can be operated from a residential property. Home-based businesses work well for many business owners and contribute to our local economy. There are parameters within the zoning bylaw that can create the distinction between businesses that can take place at home and those that belong in commercial areas.

Home based business can provide revenue for the property owner and increase services provided in our community for our citizens but they can also cause parking and noise issues in residential neighbourhoods.

The scope and scale of a home business can potentially conflict with businesses in commercial or industrial zoned areas so a balance must be found to provide limited opportunities in residential and rural areas.

In some cases a business becomes successful and grows out of its home-based location and then moves into a commercial location.


Bylaw complaints about noise or traffic due to those businesses are generally low. Business owners and the District work together to minimize impacts on residential areas.

Options for consideration:

  • The number of employees permitted in the business
  • The size of the property that allows a home based business
  • Small properties and large properties in relation to number of employees and number of customers
  • Operating hours
  • Types of businesses permitted: mechanic, accounting, music, yoga, hair dresser, etc
This survey will be open until November 30,2020