Short-term rentals

A short-term rental is the rental of a residential property on a daily or weekly basis. These rentals can be booked by a third party such as AirBNB and VRBO or booked privately. With limited hotel space in Sechelt, they provide much needed accommodation for the benefit of our local economy. The challenges are the increased noise and garbage and a loss of a neighbourhood identity that can result.


In Sechelt property owners must get a business licence to operate a short-term rental. In 2020 there are over 70 properties in Sechelt with valid business licences to operate short-term rentals. There are no other regulations or requirements in the current bylaw however Sechelt does have a Noise Bylaw 519 that can address some noise concerns.

An updated Zoning Bylaw can address some of the issues related to short-term rentals and zoning but the bylaw does not address all issues. Noise complaints are covered by the Noise Bylaw and business licences are covered in the Business Licence Bylaw and the cost of them in the Fees and Charges Bylaw. As you can see this is a complex issue and there may be further engagement on this subject in the coming months. For now we are only addressing short-term rentals as they relate to zoning. A specific short-term rental bylaw will also be considered and your feedback today can help determine what that looks like. 

Options for consideration:

  • Owners living on site or having local management agent
  • Number of dwellings permitted on the property for rental
  • Size of property
  • Identify different permits for Bed & Breakfast vs short-term rentals
  • Maximum number of guests permitted
  • Maximum number of days per year the rental is permitted
This survey will be open until November 30, 2020