Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture is the practice of the production and sale of food products from residential properties. This is small farm stands on the property that allow property residents to sell their garden produce and foods to the public. This can be a valuable revenue stream for the proponent and a good source of local food for the community.


There is no regulation around urban farming or sales in the current zoning bylaw

Options to consider:

  • Noise and smell for neighbours
  • Wildlife attractant – Should electric fencing be required?
  • Increased traffic and parking
  • Size of property or size of property frontage that allows for farm stands
  • Size of farm stands permitted
  • Greenhouse regulations in residential zones
  • Beekeeping in residential areas – number of hives and size of property
  • Chickens in residential areas – number of hens and size of property
  • Roosters in residential areas
  • Ducks, rabbits or goats in residential areas
This survey will be open until November 30, 2020