Fires and Burning in Sechelt


March 26, 2020

Today the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy in collaboration with provincial public health partners has issued open burning restrictions for all High Smoke Sensitivity Zones across the province until Wednesday
April 15th, 2020. No new fires may be initiated and no additional material may be added to existing fires. A map of affected areas is shown in yellow in Figure 1 and a high resolution image can be accessed on the provincial Interactive Venting Index webpage. According to the fact sheet on WildFireBC's website, the restriction only applies to the Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation, which does not include small campfires.

For more information, please click the following link: Sechelt For The Record

Open Air Burning  

Other than controlled campfires, open air burning is prohibited by the District of Sechelt.

To help protect air quality and the health of residents, Sechelt Council adopted Open Burning Bylaw No. 486, 2012. Please review the bylaw for details related to materials which are prohibited from being burned and for information on requirements for open burning, such as setbacks, safety and suppression supplies that are required.  

The Open Air Burning Bylaw No.486 regulates, campfires, ceremonial fires, bonfires, burning of construction waste, burning of demolition waste, garden refuse, and garbage, land clearing waste and toxic materials. 

Garden Waste

The District of Sechelt does not allow an exemption period for the burning of garden refuse.  

Residential Green Waste can be dropped off, NO CHARGE at Salish Soils, , 5800 Black Bear Road, Sechelt, BC. They accept residential self-haul loads less than 5 tonnes.

Land Clearing

Open Air land clearing burns are prohibited.   


As long as a campfire ban is not in effect in Sechelt or the Coastal Fire Centre area, a campfire is allowed within the District and is defined as a fire:

  • That burns clean
  • Uses only dry wood only
  • Does not exceed one metre in diameter and one metre in height
  • Is contained within a fire pit or approved incinerator
  • Does not creates a smoke or spark nuisance to neighbouring properties
  • Does not contravene any Federal, Provincial or Fire Department regulations respecting open air burning
  • Must be clear of overhanging foliage, have access to a water hose and be tended by someone 18 years of age or older.

The regulations of the Sechelt Fire Protection District (Fire Department) and Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Forests can be found at these links. Check the Forest Service of B.C. Wildfire Management website for the current campfire status.  The Sunshine Coast is in the Coastal Fire Centre area.