Current Parks Projects





Hackett Park is the central community gathering place for Sechelt. It hosts major annual events and contains a wide range of amenities including sports fields, tennis courts, a playground, public washrooms and a concession stand. In 2020, the District of Sechelt was awarded a grant from the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program for building an accessible, multi-purpose outdoor performance space in Hackett Park. This dedicated performance space will include the amenities needed to support both municipal events as well as community-led programming. It will expand upon the cultural and recreational opportunities in the park, and will provide Sechelt with accessible infrastructure to support outdoor festivals and events.


This performance space is a new addition to the park and will include the creation of an accessible covered stage. It will include a flexible backstage and wing space to provide users with an area for changing and/or staging, as well as temporary storage. The space should be suitable for a wide range of activities and events including dance, theatre, music, fitness and other community programming. Park pathways leading to and from the performance site will be improved for increased accessibility.


As required by the funding partners, this project is to be community-oriented, non-commercial and open for use by the public. As well, the built structure must meet or exceed the requirement of the highest published accessibility standards and any applicable energy efficiency standards.


An archeological assessment of the site has been completed and submitted to the shíshálh Nation. Discussion between the architect and the archaeologists will be arranged by the District of Sechelt to ensure the proposed design does not result in additional archaeological work being required.


Scope of work & Specifications

Overall Budget for Project: $220,000 CAD inclusive

Essential components:
• Performance platform/stage that is approximately 10m wide x 8m deep
• Roof structure for platform/stage
• Change rooms/ Storage space
• Public bathrooms already on site
• Electrical connection
• Improvements to accessible pathways


Design Considerations


The following design aspects should be considered when preparing a proposal:


  • Performance space should have an integrated look and feel with Hackett Park and its surrounding neighbourhood
  • Performance space should support a variety of public uses, and suitable for uses such as dance, music, and theatre
  • Roof structure must overhang the performance space to ensure adequate protection from the elements while the stage is in use
  • All built structures and surrounding pathways and open viewing areas must meet or exceed current accessibility standards
  • Adequate electrical outlets to support a variety of multi-purpose uses, including performing arts events
  • Design should include change rooms and storage
  • Unless recommended by the Parks Manager, no trees shall be removed in the construction of this stage
  • Careful consideration of the audience viewing areas and audience seating areas
  • Site design should allow for vendors (e.g. food trucks) to set up in proximity to the stage and/or seating area with sufficient access to electrical connections
  • Materials used in the construction of the performance space should be sustainable, encourage proper drainage, and reduce long-term maintenance