Roadwork Projects

Trail Ave Corridor Redesign

The District of Sechelt is currently working to redesign and realign the Trail Ave corridor, from Teredo Street to Turnstone Crescent.




Phase 1 will take the works from Anchor Road to Teredo Street, and be completed in 2018

Phase 2 will extend from Anchor Road to Turnstone Drive, and be completed in 2019.

The proposed road cross section will emphasize increased safety, traffic flow, and accessibility. With separated bike & walking pathways, an on street parking lane, and two driving lanes traffic will flow more smoothly, and it will be safer than ever to walk or ride your bike to Downtown!


Click here to view the attached boards, presented in the March 50% design open house for more information, or contact your Engineering department with questions or concerns

Baillie Road Bollards 

The bollards on Bailey Road have been removed and the impacted area was paved. The Metro Count Traffic Analyzer will be installed on Baillie Road between Oracle Road and Apollo Road May 24th in order to monitor the traffic changes in the subject area.


baillie 2

baillie 1