Property Tax Paid by Mortgagee

If your property taxes are paid by your Mortgage Company or Financial Institution (i.e. the Mortgagee) it is important for the homeowner to still claim the Home Owner Grant, if they qualify.

If a Mortgage Company or Financial Institution is remitting your taxes, you will still receive a property tax notice from the District of Sechelt. In addition, Sechelt provides tax info to the Mortgagee on properties which they have requested us to do so.

It is between you and your Mortgagee to ensure that property taxes are paid to the District in full, including the portion of your property taxes that may be covered if you are eligible for the Provincial Home Owner Grant.  You are not required to take your property tax notice to your Mortgagee - they will already have been advised of the property taxes outstanding on your property.

Note: The Mortgagee must advise the District of Sechelt that they require annual property tax information on your property.  As a precaution, we recommend that if you have a new mortgage that you take a copy of your property tax notice to your Mortgage holder to ensure that they are remitting property taxes on your behalf.

Home Owner Grants 

If you are eligible for a Home Owner Grant (HOG) you must advise your Mortgagee of this, identifying which grant you qualify for (the regular or additional grant).  You must claim this grant each year that you are eligible; your Mortgagee cannot sign it.  Home Owner Grant Application Forms are located on the back bottom portion of the tax notice mailed to you by the District.   You can also claim your Home Owner Grant Online.

To avoid penalty for late payment of the grant portion of your property taxes (if eligible), you must apply for a grant on or before the tax due date.  If the grant is not claimed prior to the due date, you will be levied a penalty on the total outstanding property tax amount of which your unclaimed grant is a part of.

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