December 2021 - New garbage and recycling program

New curbside collection program will launch Dec. 6!

What's In/What's Out:

Bin sizes

New bins will allow for safer collections and greater efficiency by new automated trucks.The new program includes curbside collection for all Sechelt neighbourhoods for garbage, recycling, food waste and yard waste. Garbage and recycling will be picked up every other week. Food waste and yard waste will be picked up weekly.

Your collection day may change after December 6. A new calendar, collection route map and information on what goes in each bin will be distributed inside the new green bin and here.

What’s coming:

Week of November 22:

  • New black bins for garbage, blue bins for recycling and green bins for food waste will be distributed two weeks before the program launches.
  • Inside the new green bin will be a new collection calendar and collection route map, along with information on what goes in each bin.
  • Be sure to check the calendar to find out if your pick up date has changed.

Week of November 29:

  • Last recycling collection using the old blue bins for West Porpoise Bay, Selma Park Davis Bay, and ts’uḵw’um (formerly Wilson Creek) is on Monday, November 29.
  • The last garbage collection using the old bins will take place Tuesday, November 30, and Friday December 3.

Week of December 6:

  • Last recycling collection using the old blue bins for West Sechelt, East Porpoise bay, Sandy Hook and Tuwanek is Monday, December 6.
  • Use your new bins for garbage and food waste this week. Set out yard waste in yard waste bags that can be purchased from local retailers.
  • Check the calendar to find your collection day.
  • Leave your old blue recycling bins out on the morning of December 6 and leave them out until Waste Management collects them. This could take up to two weeks.


The new trucks will automatically lift and dump material, so proper positioning of your bins is important! Please leave your bins at the curbside or edge of the road, if you don't have a curb, with the lid opening facing the street. Each bin must have at least 1 metre of space around it to allow for the automated collection.

Waste collection schedule and alerts

Contact Information

  • Waste Management (604-885-4246) has the garbage and recycling collection contract for the District of Sechelt.
  • Sechelt Landfill (604 885-6889). The Sechelt Landfill (managed by the Sunshine Coast Regional District) is located at 4901 Dusty Road off of Sechelt Inlet Road. See the SCRD website for hours, tipping fees and a list of accepted materials.
  • Gibsons Recycling (604-740-1425) accepts electronic waste and many other items including styrofoam, paint cans, fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs, book etc.
  • Sunshine Coast Regional District Recycling Directory  to find out where to recycle on the Sunshine Coast.