Welcome to the District of Sechelt Parks

The Sechelt area is home to lush forests, rushing streams, sandy beaches and mountain views.The Parks Department is a key player in maintaining the District’s unique setting and quality of life. The area’s rugged surroundings offer mountain biking, kayaking, bird watching, golf, cross country skiing, scuba diving, and ocean fishing, attracting visitors from around the world.

The Department maintains neighbourhood, community and natural parkland for a wide variety of sport and recreation enthusiasts.  Hiking and walking are the most popular activities in District Parks. The department is also responsible for our urban forest and oversees tree issues and the Adopt-a- Tree program.

Residents and visitors can enjoy Sechelt’s 34 municipal parks, streetscape gardens, Civic Square, 10 playgrounds, 27 trails and pedestrian access ways, 50 beach accesses, 2 beach lookouts, 4 multi-use sports fields, 7 softball diamonds, 2 pickleball courts, 2 volley-ball courts, a tennis court, a basketball court, and skateboard park.

Individual park information sheets are available for download on the Parks & Streetscapes webpage.  A booklet containing information sheets on the Municipal parks is also available.

Sechelt has a multitude of beach accesses; all 50 are now listed in our Beach Access Brochure and listed on our beach accesses page. As well, Sechelt has allocated a number of parks and fields as off-leash dog parks.  With responsible dog ownership guidelines, these areas are enjoyed by resident and dog alike.  For a list of Off-Leash Dog Parks, go to the Off-Leash Parks page.  

Park booking for both sport activities and special events can be made by application to the District of Sechelt.  Please see the Events & Facility booking page.

Information on our Parks Volunteer Program can be viewed here.

The District offers dedication benches and picnic tables. The application form can be found here. For further information please phone 604-885-1986.

The District of Sechelt: How Does it Really Work? In September 2018, Sunshine Coast ElderCollege hosted a 2-part lecture on local government. Click here to download a PDF of the presentation given by the District of Sechelt Parks Department.

Sechelt Parks Information Booklet