Sechelt Heritage

Sechelt's oldest heritage is the native history of the Sechelt Nation, part of which is displayed at the Tems Swiya Museum at 5555 Sunshine Coast Highway. A key piece in the museum is the Sechelt Image, a stone sculpture of a women with her face turned up to the sky, her child cradled in her arms. The piece, estimated to be up to 3,000 years old, is considered one of the finest pieces of prehistoric sculpture in Canada.

Development of the current town of Sechelt started in the 1890's. The recent history of Sechelt and the Sunshine Coast is displayed at at the Sunshine Coast Museum in Gibsons. This museum is located in Gibsons at 716 Winn Rd and has two floors of exhibits to explore as well as a resource room, reference library, and extensive archives with over 9,000 photographs & documents.

The Sechelt Community Archives offer extensive resources about recent history of Sechelt. It is located in the Sechelt Library at 5797 Cowrie Street. Archivist Ann Watson is available on Thursdays. Local bestseller Helen Dawe’s Sechelt was published using material from this archive. Genealogists, history researchers, college and school students will find a wealth of information about:

• biographical data
• First Nations history
• pioneer family histories
• photographs
• local newspapers (clippings and microfilms)
• neighborhood histories

Heritage Plaques

Along the waterfronts of Sechelt, heritage plaques display some historic highlights. The signs were drafted with the help of Ann Watson, Community Archivist and Gary Little, realtor and local history expert. These signs can also be viewed by clicking on the following links:


Early Explorers of the Sunshine Coast (on José María Narváez, George Vancouver, Dionisio Alcalá Galiano & Cayetano Valdés)


José María Narváez, First European Explorer of the Sunshine Coast


Porpoise Bay (on the history of logging and fishing in Sechelt Inlet)


+ The Union Steamship Era: Opening Up the Sunshine Coast (on the development of Sechelt before the Sunshine Coast Highway was constructed)


Origins of present day Sechelt (on the development of the current town of Sechelt)