Mission Point House

New Outside Blue View 2

Mission Point House, is located in Mission Point Park in Davis Bay. It is situated  right next to the beach and boasts beautiful views. In this park setting it is surrounded by large coniferous trees including Douglas Fir, Sitka Spruce, Western Red Cedar, Grand Fir and a selection of fruit trees.

This 900 sq.ft home is post and beam cedar side, plenty of windows, a living room, dining room, small kitchen, large deck and yard for entertaining.  

Mission Park is also able to be rented for events.  Please note, that we cannot restrict foot traffic from using any of the perimeter paths and cannot restrict access to the beach.

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Mission House Front View 2


Side View


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Nighttime wedding photo



Inside Photos

Living Room / Kitchen Space


Living Room / Kitchen Space 2


 Dining Room


 Tables and Chairs