Tree List


Amur Maple
Cockspur Hawthorn
Eastern Redbud
Globe Norway Maple
Japanese Stewartia 
Paperbark Maple
Persian Ironwood


Akebono Cherry
Black Birch
Callery Pear
European Hornbeam 
Japanese Snowball
Katsura Tree
Sargent's Cherry
Sweet Gum
Dawn Redwood


English Oak
European Beech
Kentucky Coffee Tree 
London Plane Tree
Norway Maple
Pin Oak
Red Maple  
White Ash
White Oak

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Adopt a Street Tree Program

Through innovative programs like this, the District of Sechelt is working to enhance our urban forest and to meet the goals set in our Urban Forest Plan. Applications are being accepted, but proceeding with the program is BC Hydro Community ReGreening program grant dependent. 

The Adopt-a-Street Tree program invites Sechelt residents to apply to have a free street tree planted on the road allowance in front of their property. Sechelt Parks Department will plant the tree and as 'adoptees', homeowners commit to watering the tree a minimum of 2 years and during extended dry periods thereafter.

Pick your top three choices from a list of trees. Every effort will be made to plant one of the trees you have chosen; not all trees are available at all times.  Apply early as numbers are limited.  Parks staff will inspect the site in late summer to see if there is enough space to plant a tree on the road allowance.  Choices may be restricted due to height limitations.  Trees will be planted in the fall.

** Complete the Adopt a Tree Request Form Online Now ** 

The Adopt-a-Street Tree brochure also contains a request form which can be submitted as follows:

  • Email:
  • Fax: 604-885-7591
  • In Person:  2nd Floor, 5797 Cowrie Street, Sechelt, BC
  • Mail: District of Sechelt, Box 129, Sechelt BC V0N 3A0

For more information email or phone the District office at 604-885-1986

Trees on District property and on some areas of private property are protected for the benefit of the community.  Before cutting, limbing or removing any trees, visit to view the tree protection regulations or to access the Service Request for District assistance with tree issues on public property.  For more information call the District of Sechelt at 885-1986.   


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