Community Event Banners

Banner Location

The District of Sechelt has installed banner posts as part of the Downtown Revitalization program, located at the corner of Teredo Street and Wharf Road and in Wilson Creek, they are now available for banners announcing community events. The banner posts are primarily available for community events and fundraising events by non-profit organizations.  Other events may also be considered depending on availability  of unused time slots.  The banners must be provided by the interested group. Installation and removal will be the responsibility of the District.
Please note that the District will no longer allow signs to be put up in Acacia Park.

Application Process

To make an application, please contact the Administrative Assistant for the Parks Department at 604.740.8477, email us or download the Application

Banners can be posted for a 7 days or a 14 day period, depending on availability.

For events that are taking place within a week from each other, District staff, at any time, may limit the display time to 7 days up to the event to allow other events to have “airtime” as well.

Banners message must be essentially non-commercial, however, corporate sponsors logos may form part of the message, but shall not exceed 10% of the banner area.

The goal is not to serve whoever comes first, but to make maximum use of the banner poles for as many events as possible.

The banner post installation on the South East corner of Wharf Road and Teredo Street allows for two sizes of banners:
  •  3 banners each - 4 x 1 meter horizontal banner (12 x 3 feet) or, 
  •  6 banners each - 2 x 1 meter horizontal banner (6 x 3 feet) 

  The banner post installation at Wilson Creek allows for one banner size:  

  •  3 banners each - 4 x 1 meter horizontal banner (12 x 3 feet)
If there are two applications for events taking place on the same day, District staff may limit the available slots.