Trail Bay Pier
Trail Bay Day Float

Trail Bay Pier & Day Float

Trail Bay Pier was built in 2000. A day float was added in 2010, and is in place each summer from May long-weekend to late September. Kayaks, tenders and boats under 12ft can tie up to this float and access downtown Sechelt. 

With close proximity to the Sechelt downtown core, visitors can walk from the pier, via Boulevard or Wharf Avenue, to shopping, services and restaurants. A walking tour of Sechelt is a great diversion for families. Look for plaques that explain early history of the area and its settlers. Origins of present day Sechelt are depicted on the plaque at Trail Bay Pier.

The enhancement of marine access along the Coast has long been looked to as a strategy to stimulate tourism and offer a stopping off point for travellers.  This is now a segment of Sechelt's new Strategic Plan.

Boaters: Learn more about federal legislation on the issue of abandoned boats underlines the need for boaters to take proactive measures and appropriately manage their vessels through to their end of life from the Boating BC Association.