For building permit applications and inquiries please email or call 604-885-1986 and follow phone tree options.

New applications: Please contact us via email and phone to set up payment and plan drop-off. Our preference for both will be electronic transfer.

We are committed to issuing your building permit in a timely fashion. To help us, please ensure that your application includes all of the required content as described in the permit application checklist

Building inspections: Contractors/builders can email or call the District office to book inspections for their projects. Staff will continue to do inspections on new construction.

Additions or renovations permitted in an occupied dwelling will be inspected "virtually" with the owner/contractor asked to take and email photos to the building department. Please contact your building inspector directly via email and if you are not sure who to contact you can also send an email to Please include building permit number and civic address in the subject line.

We will limit attendance at the inspection to the general contractor only and a safe physical distance of 2 metres must be applied. Commercial project permits may continue to be inspected and will be determined on a case-by-case circumstance.

This procedure is subject to change at a moment’s notice.


Inspection requests should be made 48 hours in advance; however, we can usually accommodate next day bookings.  There is no guaranteed time of inspection; however, you may state a preference for morning or afternoon. 

Please make sure you provide the receptionist with the following information when booking an inspection:

  • permit number 
  • street address 
  • type of inspection required 

* All work being inspected must be complete and ready prior to inspection.
* Work must not proceed past any of the stages listed without prior clearance.
* The street address must be posted on the site Complex building permit plans to be provided on site.

The inspections performed during house construction are detailed on the Permit & Inspection Process Overview web page.