Checklist for Building Permit Applications

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The application fee is approximately ½ of the building permit fee. Minimum permit fee is $60.00.
All applications fees are non-refundable.

The balance of the building permit fees are payable when the permit is issued (picked up).

q Are you in Development Permit Area - In the Official Community Plan adopted July 20, 2011 single family dwellings in development permit areas are no longer exempt from Development Permits.  PLEASE CONTACT THE PLANNING DEPARTMENT TO DETERMINE IF YOUR CONSTRUCTION PROJECT IS IN A DP AREA.

q A completed Building Permit Application Form. Click here to download.

q Three copies of construction drawings of ¼” to 1’-0” scale showing sufficient detail.  
       Insufficient detail on construction drawings may delay issuance of building permit.

q Site plan. The site plan must show the entire lot and include all structures, existing and proposed and including all decks, porches, carports etc.  Include all dimensions of all structures.  Include setbacks to property line at all sides of all structures, existing and proposed.  Identify and locate all watercourses (creeks, lake frontage, ocean frontage etc.) on or adjacent to the property. Indicate North with an arrow. Show location of the septic field, if applicable.

q A recent Title Search. Available from the District of Sechelt for a charge of $25.00.  If easements, covenants and/or rights of way appear on title, a copy of the document may be required. This information may be available through the District for an additional fee.

q Water Connection Receipt (obtain from the Sunshine Coast Regional District – SCRD 604-885-6800)

q Address Letter from the SCRD assigning a civic address (for new construction).

q Engineering Schedule B for geotechnical and structural.  Schedule B for Structural for foundation and 2 sets of drawings that have been sealed by an engineer are required.

If more than one engineer is involved in your project (i.e. separate geotechnical and structural engineers), one of the engineers may need to provide a Schedule A, Confirmation of Commitment By Owner and Coordinating Registered Professional and subsequent Schedule C-A .

Geotechnical & structural engineering may be required for additions and alterations.

An Appendix D: A Landslide Assessment Assurance Statement may be required.

q A completed Sewer Connection application (if applicable).

q Proof of filing form stamped by Vancouver Coastal Health for septic system (if not connected to municipal sewer) for all new single family dwelling and for all renovations or additions that involve the addition of a bedroom.  Contact a certified installer for more information.

q Schedule D - owner's undertaking

q A completed driveway access permit application with an attached drawing showing the driveway in relation to the road/site plan.

            Note: MOTI approval may be required for a driveway located on a provincial highway. Contact Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure. (604) 740-8985



q Dimensions of property lines, scale, north arrow, legal description
q existing buildings, septic field and driveways
q Existing watercourses

q Setbacks & road access
q Elevations at house corners

1. Specify size & construction of strip footings
2. Specify size & construction of pad footings
3. Specify size, height and construction of foundation walls
4. Show pad footings under point loads
5. Show strip footings under bearing walls

1. If renovating show what is new construction & what is existing
2. Dimension walls and spans of structural members
3. Specify floor construction (joist size, spacing & span)
4. Show bearing walls and/or beams at ends of floor spans

Specify roof construction (truss or joist size, spacing & span):
Show outline of roof on floor plan or as separate roof plan 
Show bearing walls and beams at ends of roof spans

Specify beam & lintel sizes:
Show bearing under beams carried down to foundations

Specify door & window sizes

Specify type of heating

Show stairs
To provide adequate headroom
To conform to rise and run requirements of BC Builsing Code.(

Indicate square footage of each floor level

Specify exterior materials 
Specify floor, ceiling, top of wall heights 
Show grade

Building sections:
Specify construction, including interior and exterior finish of all floors, walls

Roofs, decks and guardwalls: 
Show height of walls, floors, roof slope 
Show ridge support and bearing walls

Provide details for ventilation of:
Deck over living space 
Framed roof spaces