The Sechelt Lifestyle

Every community starts their profile claiming they have something for everyone. They all say they have lots of recreation and super nice people. In Sechelt, we are not just blowing wind in your sails, spraying water in your kayak, or waxing your skis, we really do have something for everyone. And yes, we do toot our own horn too - literally, we have so many musicians!  

In a recent conversation with the community, they were asked to describe what they love most about Sechelt in one word. The words we received overwhelmingly were: 

    • family
    • serenity
    • arts!
    • skiing
    • hiking
    • mountain biking
    • beaches - duh
    • sunsets & sunrises
    • peace
    • warmth
    • water sports (they actually listed all of them but it would take up too much room here)

Only a short drive and a ferry (or 20 minute float plane) to Vancouver, we are close enough that we can zip over for lunch or a concert but far enough away that we really feel far away. Feeling far away really matters. There is no hustle and bustle here, there is only calm. 

We are surrounded by water and boast 55 beach access trails so even if you don't live on the beach, you have easy access. Water sports (including fishing and diving) are a big thing here but so is parking your bum on a log and just enjoying the sunset. If that isn't enough to make you pack your bags, we also have skiing (not kidding) only a 20 minute drive from downtown. We have great snowshoeing and Nordic skiing trails. And of course, if you have trails, you have mountain biking and hiking - all. year. long. There are literally hundreds of trails on the Sunshine Coast for you to explore.

The arts and culture here is outstanding. There are so many community events, local artists and local musicians you would be hard pressed to NOT soak some of that up. The Sechelt Arts Festival, Festival of the Written Arts, Rogue Festival and  Sunshine Coast Art Crawl attract visitors from around the world. 

Imagine a lifestyle where you are only a short walk or bike ride to work, you go home for lunch and you are home again in time to paint, play in the band, go for a hike AND watch the sunset - all before dinner. 

THAT is what Sechelt offers you. We really do have it all. And we know it. 

It's not arrogance when it's true.