Street Patios Pilot Project

On a trial basis for 2020-2021, the Street Patios Pilot Project is an opportunity for restaurants, cafés, and certain other businesses to extend outdoors onto District-owned streets and sidewalks. This pilot is one way in which the District of Sechelt has committed to find workable solutions to assist local businesses which have been impacted by the physical distancing restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The presence of street patios can inject vibrancy into a streetscape and enhance the pedestrian experience. Creating such places for people to meet and sit improves social connections and community safety, which benefits overall livability. Street patios in certain areas are supported by the District of Sechelt’s Official Community Plan and Council’s Strategic Plan.

This booklet provides guidance on the safe and appropriate use of public streets and sidewalks for businesses interested in expanding their outdoor dining or display of merchandise.  Not all guidelines will apply for all situations.

For permission to construct a patio or place furnishings or sales goods on public-owned streets or sidewalk areas, please contact the Community Planner, at to discuss your proposal.


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