COVID-19 Self Screening Tool

To reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission and ensure the health and safety of employees and the public, the Provincial Health Officer issued a provincial order in effect November 20th requiring all workplaces to conduct active daily screening for all on-site employees including contractors.
Before entering District of Sechelt offices, all staff and contractors are required to complete the COVID-19 Health Screening at the beginning of their shift.  This requirement applies for even short visits into the office.


 Current District of Sechelt COVID Safety Plan

Please only enter District of Sechelt offices and facilities if you are deemed OK by the self checker.
If you begin to experience COVID-19 symptoms during your shift, notify your supervisor/manager and leave work immediately, self-isolate, and contact 8-1-1 for medical direction.

All employees and contractors must stay home if they are sick or required to self-isolate. If an employee or contractor has a fever, a new cough or difficulty breathing, the employee is asked to call 8-1-1 and advise their immediate supervisor of the 8-1-1 direction they have received. If an employee is sick or has a sick family member, the employee is required to stay home for 10 days. The employee may return to work before the end of the 10 days if the employee or sick household member has tested negative for COVID-19, is symptom-free and has been cleared by HR.

You can also download the BC COVID-19 self- check mobile app from the Google Play or Apple App stores.

BC Covid 19 App