Parks Master Plan

Sechelt has updated our Parks and Open Space Master Plan (PMP) to help guide our continuing efforts to maintain and improve our parks and trails.  Lanarc Consulting was contracted to conduct this project in conjunction with District staff.  The final plan was endorsed on September 5, 2018 at the Regular Council Meeting.

Phase 1 Open House – Idea Gathering

Thank you to all who participated in the open house and idea gathering on Thursday, November 16, 2017. The information and maps from this event are available in PDF format via the links below:

An online questionnaire was also made available to the public from November 20 - December 7, 2017.

Interactive Crowdsource Story Map: This ESRI Crowdsource Story map software is a new tool available to the District.  Click "Explore Map" at the bottom of initial screen to display the map. Zoom into an area where you see count clusters of numeric comments and only the photos and comments in the zoomed area will show in the right panel. Hover over a photograph or a white dot on the map to see the comment title pop up.  Double click on the photographs in the right hand panel to enlarge and see additional comments at the bottom of the photo.  Close the enlarged map by clicking the upper right corner X to return to multiple picture overview.

The District is proud of what has been accomplished in the development of parks and recreational spaces in our community over our 30 year history.  Our Parks Department services rank consistently at the top of our services in District Citizen Satisfaction surveys.  Our goal is to build on that success and to look for opportunities keep on improving the product we provide to our residents.  The aim of our updated Plan will be to position Sechelt as a local government leader in the provision of parks services on the Coast and in our province.  

The District initiated the 2018 Parks and Open Space Master Plan Update to bring together diverse stakeholders and the District and generate a cohesive vision and coordinated approach for future improvements and investments.

The master plan is a strategic document that is system-wide in scope. It provides recommendations and direction for the parks and open space system as a whole.

The plan is designed to assist the District in prioritizing realistic short term (5-years) investments in parks and open spaces, as well as steps toward medium and long term ( 10 to 15 year and beyond) investments.

View the Executive Summary here

View the Final - Parks and Open Space Master Plan here

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