Current Development Applications

The District of Sechelt welcomes your interest in development applications currently proposed in the District. Major development applications that are of public interest are listed below along with links to additional information.

Residents have the opportunity to be part of the development process by attending and sharing input at a Public Meeting or Public Hearing or connecting with the District directly. For information on current applications, please contact the Planning Department at


5547 Trail Avenue (CityState)

File Number: 3360-2020-05

The District of Sechelt has received a rezoning application for 5547 Trail Avenue. CityState Consulting has applied to reduce the minimum parcel size from 700 m2 to 350 m2 in the Residential Village Infill Zone 2A (R-2A) Zone to facilitate a two-lot subdivision. The intent is to retain the existing single family home and construct a new home on the  proposed lot fronting Starfish Lane. This application is consistent with the District of Sechelt Official Community Plan.

Additional Resources

2020-09-16 Council Report CityState - First Reading

Silverstone Care Centre (Trellis)

File No. 3360-2019-06

Trellis is proposing a 132 bedroom seniors housing project as part of the Silverstone Long Term Care Home. The proposed facility would provide daily care and nursing services and operates under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act and in accordance with the Residential Care Regulation and the Home and Community Care Policy Manual.

The facility would be comprised of 128 bedrooms in eight secure housing units, each with 16 bedrooms located in four wings that are linked through a central core structure. There would be a four bedroom hospice attached to one wing with potential expansion to it for an additional four bedrooms.

Staff Reports

2020-09-16  Council Report for Third Reading 

Additional Resources

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5 - Bylaws

6 - Public Information Meeting Report

7 - Public Comments

8 - Miscellaneous



Mills Road Multi-Family Development (Westcor Lands)

File No. 3360-2020-02

Westcor Lands Ltd. has applied to rezone the subject property from Residential 3 (R-3) to Residential 4 (R-4) to facilitate the development of 44 townhouse units consisting of:

  • 11 buildings, each consisting of four attached townhouse units.
  • 32 three-bedroom townhouse units.
  • 12 three-bedroom townhouse units including secondary "lock-off" suites.
  • A central shared green space.

A change in land use designation is required from Residential to Multi-family/Mixed Residential to allow the proposed density of 44 - 56 units/ha.

A reduction to off-street parking requirements from 2 spaces to 1.5 spaces per townhouse and a reduction of the front and rear lot line setback from 7.5 m to 4.6 m is also requested.

Staff Reports

2020-06-03 Council Report for Permission to Proceed

Additional Resources

Applicants Proposal Package

Mills Road Single-Family Development (Westcor Lands)

File No. 3360-2019-06

The District of Sechelt has received a rezoning application for the lower portion of Lot 12 on Mills Road, currently addressed as 5410 Mills Road. Westcor Lands Ltd. has applied to rezone the lower portion of Lot 12 Block E and F District Lot 4294 Plan 20152 from Residential 3 (R-3) to Residential 1 (R-1). The intent is to allow a four-lot
subdivision with 500 m2 minimum lot sizes.

Staff Reports

2020-02-05 Council Report for First Reading

Additional Resources

Proposed Subdivision Plan

5638 Inlet Avenue (Sunshine Coast Community Services)

File No. 3360-2020-01

The District of Sechelt has received a development application from M'akola Development Services on behalf of Sunshine Coast Community Services Society to rezone the property to allow a six-storey mixed-use development. The proposal includes 34 residential units for women and women with children impacted by violence, two-floors of office space for SCCSS, and potentially additional program space on the northern portion of the site.

The application seeks to allow a site-specific increase to maximum building height to 22.0 m or six storeys due to the building footprint constraints imposed by the BC Hydro transmission lines located on the property.

Staff Reports

2020-04-01 First Reading Council 

Additional Resources

Project Proposal

Mixed-Use Development at Wharf Avenue and Porpoise Bay Road (Wade)

File No. 3360-2016-15

The District of Sechelt has received a rezoning application for the Lot 19, 20, and 21 at Wharf Avenue and Porpoise Bay Road. W2 Group has applied to rezone the property to a facilitate the development of a five-storey mixed-use building with 40 residential units.

Staff Reports

2020-05-15 Council Report for First Reading (Attachments)

Additional Resources

Applicants Proposal Package
Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 25-307, 2020

Bligh Road, West Sechelt - Everbrite Ventures

FILE NO: 3360-2017-03



The applicant is proposing to rezone the subject property with the civic address 6317 Bligh Road from R-3 (Residential 3) to R-1 (Residential 1) to enable an 8-lot subdivision with a minimum parcel size of 500 m2.

Staff Reports

2020-05-20 Everbrite Rezoning Report

2019-06-05 Everbrite Request for Decision

2020-10-07 Everbrite Request for Decision


Development Variance Permits

5538 Shorncliffe Avenue (School District 46)

File No. 3090-2020-01

The School District 46 (SD46) is applying for a subdivision for the property at 5538 Shorncliffe Road.  The Development Variance Permit is an application to vary the District of Sechelt Zoning Bylaw No. 25, 1987 property line setbacks within the PA-1 zone to legitimize existing site specific building encroachments. 

Additional Information

2020-09-02 Council Report School District 46 (SD46)

5525 Trail Avenue (Sechelt Fire Protection District)

File No. 3090-2020-04 

Sechelt Fire Protection District have applied to vary the District of Sechelt Zoning Bylaw No. 25, 1987, to reduce the setback requirements to allow for an addition to the Fire Hall. 

Additional Information

2020-07-15 Sechelt Fire Department DVP

5650 Curtis Place - Westcor Lands

FILE NO. 3090-2020-07

Development Variance Permit application to vary the District of Sechelt Subdivision and Development Control Services Bylaw No. 430, 2003. The proposed variances are to reduce the required corner truncations for the new lane, and to adjust the frontage requirements along Curtis Place. 

Staff Report

2020-10-07 Westcor Lands - Request for Decision


5845 Sunshine Coast Hwy (RTC Properties)

File No. 3090-2020-05

RTC Properties has applied to vary the maximum permitted height to 11.6 m in Sub-Zones B, C, and D of the CD-39 zone.

The intent of this application is to permit the development of two multi-unit residential buildings in accordance with the permitted uses of the CD-39 zone. The CD-39 zone only applies to the subject property at 5845 Sunshine Coast Hwy.

Additional Resources

Applicants Submission Package

5830 Marine Way – Variances for 3-lot Subdivision (Polly)

File No. 3090-2020-03 & File No. 3320-2017-05(b)

The applicant is seeking to vary a number of provisions in two District bylaws (District of Sechelt Zoning Bylaw No. 25, 1987 and the Subdivision and Development Control Services Bylaw No. 430, 2003) as part of a proposed 3-lot subdivision.  There is also a request for an exemption to the Flood Control Requirements (15 m setback) of Zoning Bylaw No. 25, 1987.  The applicant is seeking the following variances and floodplain exemption.

1.  District of Section Zoning Bylaw No. 25, 1987:

(a)  R-1 zone Section 503 Lot Width is proposed to be reduced from 18 m to 14 m.

(b)  R-1 zone Section 505(1)(a) Front Setback is proposed to be reduced from 5 m to 3 m.

(c)  R-1 zone Section 505(1)(c) Side Setback is proposed to be reduced on both sides to 1.5 m.

(d)  R-1 zone Section 505(1)(d) Side Setback, where abutting a street (in this case the public access to water dedication), is proposed to be reduced from 3 m to 2 m.

2.  District of Sechelt Subdivision and Development Control Services Bylaw No. 430, 2003 Section 34(1) and (2) Utility Wiring is proposed to be varied to not require the undergrounding of electrical and telecommunications along the highway frontage of the subject land.

3.  The 3-lot subdivision application (3320-2017-05(b)) is proposed to be exempted from the requirement of s. 512(1) of the Local Government Act regarding the minimum parcel frontage on a highway.

The applicant is seeking an exemption to the flood control requirement by reducing the setback from 15 m to 10 m.

Staff Reports

200624 Development Variance Permit Application

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