Development Variance Permits

What is a Development Variance Permit?

A Development Variance Permit is issued by Council and may be required prior to the issuance of a building permit if the project/structure does not meet the zoning bylaw. The types of variances requested generally relate to building setbacks, siting, height, width, coverage, sign area or parking requirements. Land use, density and floodplain specification cannot be varied.The Zoning Bylaw, the Subdivision and Development Control Servicing Standards Bylaw and the Sign Bylaw may be varied if Council feels that the reasons for the variation are appropriate.

When do you need a Development Variance Permit?

Development Variance requests are typically considered where specific site characteristics or other unique circumstances do not permit strict compliance with an existing regulation. A requested variance must be reasonable, must maintain the intent of the regulation and should minimize any potential negative impacts on neighbours or the streetscape.

Once the Development Variance Permit has been approved, you will require a Building Permit for construction of any buildings and possibly a Servicing Agreement for construction of off-site services.A condition of issuing a Building Permit may be payment of Development Cost Charges in accordance with Sechelt’s Development Cost Charge Bylaws and the Local Government Act.

Please refer to the Applications Guide for more information.

If you are considering to apply for a Development Variance Permit please contact Planning staff to discuss your ideas before making an application.