Official Community Plan

The District of Sechelt adopted its Official Community Plan (OCP) on July 20, 2011.  This OCP replaces the previous plan adopted in 1995.

The OCP provides an overall framework guide to future development and well-being of the District.  It contains detailed policies and objectives regarding future land use, environmental protection, housing, economic development, transportation and infrastructure, parks and open spaces, heritage and community services.

The OCP will be guiding Council's decisions.  The OCP's future land use designations do not directly apply to property owners.  Current land use is regulated under the zoning bylaw.


Full OCP document

To read or download the entire OCP (including maps) click on the image to the right (34 MB).

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Several important studies were undertaken as background to the OCP policies.  These should be referenced for additional detailed information:

District of Sechelt Transportation Master Plan (2009)
Chapman Creek Flood Hazard Assessment (2010)