Zoning Bylaw Renewal


The new Zoning Bylaw 580 will replace Zoning Bylaw 25, which was originally adopted by Council 35 years ago. The District of Sechelt has undergone significant changes since that time, and time has come to create a new updated zoning bylaw that aligns itself with the District’s core planning documents. Learn more at: yoursaysechelt.ca/zoningrenewal





Zoning in Sechelt

The Zoning Bylaw regulates the use of all lands within the District of Sechelt. Each “zone” specifies permitted uses. Also, the zoning bylaw provides limits to the height of buildings, setbacks, the total footprint of buildings (coverage). Furthermore, the Zoning Bylaw regulates a number of specific issues.

You can use the web map below to locate your property and determine the zoning. The zoning labels will display once you zoom in closer.

If you are having difficulty you can download a PDF Zoning Map here: Zoning Map

How do I change zoning for my property?

If you are considering to request a change to the zoning of your property, please contact the Planning and Development Services Department to discuss your options.  Please review the Applications Guide for more information.

Some zoning regulations may be varied by way of a Development Variance Permit. Land use and density cannot be varied.  If you think you need a variance on zoning regulations, please contact the Planning and Development Services Department to discuss your options or look for further information on the Development Variance Permit page.