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Schedule of events

Join the Committee of the Whole meetings to watch presentations from each department and participate at the question and answer session following the meeting. Check out the agendas for more information and the calendar for links to join.

Public participation sessions are scheduled for noon on the Monday following each committee of the whole meeting so Council can hear from you. Two evening public participations sessions are also planned:

Coming Up

  • Wed March 10, 3pm: Committee of the Whole - Tourism, Library, RCMP, One-time and New Operating requests, Capital budget requests
  • Mon March 15, 12pm: Public participation on topics from March 10 Committee meeting
  • Wed March 24, 3pm: Committee of the Whole - Capital Budget requests
  • Mon March 29, 7:30 - 8:30pm: Public participation - Capital budget requests
  • Wed March 31, 3pm: Special Committee of the Whole - Capital budget requests and deliberation
  • Mon April 5, 12pm: Public participation session on topics from March 31 Committee meeting

Council will continue budget deliberations into April, with the final 2021 Budget and Five Year Financial Plan to be adopted before May 15, per the Community Charter. Special Committee of the Whole Meetings may be scheduled if additional time is needed.

Other ways to Have Your Say:

  • Click on the department links above to take the budget surveys.
  • Email us at finance@sechelt.ca
  • Call and ask to speak to a member of the budget team 604-885-1986

How taxes are calculated

Budget Planning 2021-2025sm637424497202080449The amount of money the District of Sechelt needs to collect to provide services is divided between all the properties in Sechelt. The value of the properties is determined by BC Assessment. To get the tax rate we divide the total amount needed to operate the town by the total valuation for all properties in Sechelt. Different rates, called multipliers, are applied for the different property classes. Council decides the multipliers for all property classes. The amount of tax each property equals the property value x tax rate x multiplier. BC Assessment created this video to explain the process. 

  • A 1% tax increase equals approximately $16.20 for each residential property
  • A 1% tax increase adds about $96,000 to the budget

What happened last year?

For residential properties, the rate of 2.416% was required to create the operational budget. So the typical residential property would have seen a tax increase of approximately $39.14 last year. (2.416% x $16.20)





2020 Tax Levies637424611565638144



But wait - did your taxes seem higher than this? This is the Sechelt portion of taxes for 2020. The District of Sechelt also collects taxes on behalf of other jurisdictions.

All amounts collected by the District of Sechelt:


regional taxes

The cumulative increase for residential properties in the District of Sechelt was 5.86% for 2020. Only $0.39 of each tax dollar goes to the District of Sechelt.