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Schedule of events

When dates for public meetings are set they will be posted here. 

Planning and Development 


 Building Inspection

What we do: Building permits are essential in protecting the property owner as well as the community by ensuring that new developments are in conformity with applicable regulations, local bylaws and the BC Building Code.
The Building Inspection department is primarily responsible for ensuring that the current building code is complied with along with other building regulations including the District’s Building Bylaw (#409, 2003). Activities include the review of construction building permit drawing submissions, on-site inspection of both new construction and renovations, and review of business licenses for compliance with building bylaw requirements for safety.


Development Services

What we do: Development Services is responsible for current planning and community planning. Planning involves the development of community plans and policies, zoning bylaws and their interpretation, as well as development reviews, subdivision, variance applications and amendments.


Bylaw Enforcement

The District of Sechelt maintains bylaws on such issues as noise, unsightly premises, pesticides and dog licensing and control.  The bylaw enforcement officers work to achieve compliance to the bylaws of Sechelt by its citizens and visitors.
Bylaw Enforcement Officers respond to complaints and these can result in ticketing and other actions when a problem continues.  Any concerns or complaints must be submitted in writing in order for Sechelt's Bylaw Enforcement Officers to investigate. 


Economic Development

What we do: Economic Development administers the Business Area Improvement program, which aims to expand and improve the economic environment for businesses in Sechelt.