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Schedule of events

Join the Committee of the Whole meetings to watch presentations from each department and participate at the question and answer session following the meeting. Check out the agendas for more information and the calendar for links to join.

Public participation sessions are scheduled for noon on the Monday following each committee of the whole meeting so Council can hear from you. Two evening public participations sessions are also planned:

  • Wed March 10, 3pm: Committee of the Whole - Tourism, Library, RCMP, One-time and New Operating requests, Capital budget requests
  • Mon March 15, 12pm: Public participation on topics from March 10 Committee meeting
  • Wed March 24, 3pm: Committee of the Whole - Capital Budget requests
  • Mon March 29, 7:30 - 8:30pm: Public participation - Capital budget requests
  • Wed March 31, 3pm: Special Committee of the Whole - Capital budget requests and deliberation
  • Tues April 6, 12pm: Public participation session on topics from March 31 Committee meeting
  • Wed April 14, 3pm: Special Committee of the Whole - Capital budget requests and deliberation

Council will continue budget deliberations into April, with the final 2021 Budget and Five Year Financial Plan to be adopted before May 15, per the Community Charter. Special Committee of the Whole Meetings may be scheduled if additional time is needed.

Other ways to Have Your Say:

  • Click on the department links above to take the budget surveys.
  • Email us at finance@sechelt.ca
  • Call and ask to speak to a member of the budget team 604-885-1986

Police Services

RCMP org chart

Eleven RCMP members and four support staff are funded by the District of Sechelt and twenty four are funded by the Province, including two dedicated to serving the shíshálh Nation.
In 2020 Sechelt requested a new RCMP member to be added to the detachment to be funded by the District. This request has not yet been approved by the Province.
The Sunshine Coast Detachment of the RCMP is located in the District but provides services across the entire Sunshine Coast. In addition to the General Duty policing section, there are specialized sections of police officers in Traffic Enforcement, First Nations Policing, Youth Intervention, and Serious Crimes. The Sunshine Coast Detachment’s police officers also patrol various areas of the coast via mountain bikes and all–terrain vehicles. In addition, the RCMP routinely makes marine patrols along the coast line. The detachment is also complemented with outstanding volunteers in the areas of Auxiliary Constables, Citizens on Patrol, Speed Watch, Victim Services, Crime Stoppers, and Restorative Justice. The District funds the RCMP for the services they provide in Sechelt.