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Schedule of events

When dates for public meetings are set they will be posted here. 

Public Works

What we do: The Public Works crew is responsible for the maintenance of our roads, drainage and utilities, including: sidewalks, ditches, fleet, buildings, and storm water collection systems. This team also takes care of snow removal, dangerous trees, street sign installation as well as repairs and maintenance for much of our equipment. 

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In emergencies we work together with Capilano Highways to keep the Sunshine Coast Highway open, and provide support to other local governments on the coast.  Capilano and other local governments help us out during extreme conditions too.

Municipal Infrastructure

  • Storm Sewer - 44 km
  • Paved Roads – 88 km
  • Gravel roads - 25 km
  • Sidewalks – 25 km
  • Fleet vehicles - 38
  • Buildings – Municipal Hall, Water Resource Centre, RCMP Building, Justice Building, Rockwood Lodge, Mission Point House, Seaside Centre, Kirkland House, Robertson House
Fleet vehicles are primarily used by the Parks and Public Works Departments, but some are also allocated to Bylaw Enforcement, Building Inspection, Sewer Treatment and Engineering:
  • 5 heavy trucks, including two 1 ton trucks with front plows and salters, 2 dump trucks with salters and belly plows and one 1 ton truck awaiting delivery (it will also have a plow and salter).
  • 20 light vehicles
  • 14 motorized/special equipment vehicles